What is “The Lucky Numbers”?

The Lucky Numbers

Sometimes sports isn’t about statistics and game plans. Underlying tones of the human condition and society radiate through. Unseen stories of tragedy, betrayal, loss, and hardship ultimately culminate in some of the greatest athletes and sporting events the world has ever seen.

Writing has always been a sincere passion of mine. I have never blogged before, but I have seen plenty of friends take a piece of their lives that they are passionate about and transform it into a stream of positive outward energy through online publication.

Athletics and competition are strong metaphors in every phase of life. The athlete sets a goal, gets knocked down multiple times, and either chooses to quit or stand up strong (a la Converse’s brilliant Dwayne Wade commercial “Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8″). From here we find our true strength as human beings. We either accept defeat and the triumph of others, or we find a way to accomplish the task we want.

Modern shows like E:60 and Outside the Lines have helped in popularizing this “other” side to sports. The stories and tragedies that occur in an athlete’s life are relatable, while their multi-million dollar salaries are not. These stories humanize people that we often see as unreachable or quite simply unreal within the spectrum of everyday humanity.

It is not, however, just the rich and famous that attract so much of my fascination. Everyday,  athletes, whose names we will never know, achieve their dreams while overcoming extraordinary circumstances. Sports both unite and divide people, but no matter what team you root for, each and every person has their own story which generates positive energy to their life.

Whether you are a fan of an athlete or not, something can be extracted from their stories of success and failure and applied to our own lives.

At times the numbers athletes hold most dear (their lucky numbers) mean more in the grand scheme of things than the numbers on their paychecks and statistics on the field.

Climb your mountain and don’t look down until you are at the top.




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